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Company profile

Company profile

With a registered capital of 3 million yuan, the company is one of the most dynamic foreign trade companies in the Chine

Core strength

Core strength

The company has self import and export rights, strong technical force and advanced processing equipment. The product qua

Product service

Product service

We strengthen the training of employees, improve the detection technology, improve the detection indicators, improve the

customer service

customer service

The company has excellent quality, efficient after-sales service and good reputation. We welcome every customer to our c

Drug technology

Provide outsourcing services for quality standard research and improvement, process change research and supplementary application outsourcing services, outsourcing services for traditional Chinese medicine famous prescriptions and hospital preparations research, outsourcing services for secondary development of large varieties of traditional Chines

Inspection and testing

Provide all types of analysis and test outsourcing services. In order to ensure the detection ability and reliability, it has passed the CNAs certification at the end of 2018.

Compound library

More than 2000 natural product monomers are provided, including about 6000 products of different grades, specifications and purity. At present, it has been widely used in quality evaluation of Chinese herbal medicine, content analysis of extract, biological activity research, screening of new drug candidate compounds, food or nutritional supplement

Simulation software

For colleges and universities, pharmaceutical enterprises, scientific research institutions and other institutions to provide large-scale virtual simulation of analytical instruments, GMP virtual simulation production line, inspection and testing animation course, pharmaceutical production quality management system, pharmaceutical testing assistant


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